About Kurt Long

Kurt is the Founder of FairWarning® and has been involved in patient privacy monitoring deployments with healthcare customers representing over 7,000 healthcare facilities & exchanges. Articles and work produced by Kurt have been published dozens of times in major information security & compliance publications, and he is frequently asked to testify or brief federal government officials on healthcare privacy. Kurt is a U.S. patent holder and has been involved in an advisory or founding role of several market-leading information security companies. Kurt holds a Master’s degree in Theoretical Mathematics from the University of South Florida. Kurt is also a champion for entrepreneurship with high school students and is the Co-founder of Next Generation Entrepreneurs with the Pinellas Education Foundation.

Citizen Trust and our Biggest Institutions – Part One

The cut-off date, January 20, 2016, for free drone registration in the United States had passed so as a drone owner I was required to pay a $ 5.00 fee to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration as part of the registration

Escalated Threats Require Escalated Expertise and New Tools

In my previous blog post, I observed healthcare's vulnerability to advanced information security threats and cited highly reputable sources reporting that in 2015, over 1 in 3 United States citizens had their personal information breached through a medical or healthcare business.    And

Escalation of Threats Leave an Entire Industry Vulnerable

This is the first in a series of two posts.  This post is an overview of today's healthcare threat landscape, the second is on what those responsible for safeguarding Protected Health Information can do to respond. The healthcare industry is built

Why Athletes and Veterans Make Great Team Mates at FairWarning

FairWarning's values focus on innovating and competing through teamwork to create ever increasing value for our customers.  Our values emphasize that when we all work toward the same vision, the possibilities are limitless.  It should come as no surprise that FairWarning hires