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Customer Success Stories

Amit Ramakrishnan,
Business Manager

FairWarning Helps Tri-K Gain Visibility into Their Salesforce Usage

TRI-K, a leading manufacturer of specialty ingredients for the cosmetics industry, needed a way to secure customer data and understand how it was being used by their sales team.


TRI-K operates in a highly competitive marketplace where it’s possible for a salesperson to displace a competitor if that person possesses the right customer data. Consequently, customer data is extremely precious. Not only must the sales team use customer data effectively, that data must also be protected so the company doesn’t lose its competitive advantage.

“I needed a plug-and-play solution. And I found one in FairWarning for Salesforce.”

“By looking at time and quality of use, we were able to prove that our salespeople who use Salesforce with frequency and intensity outperformed those who don’t.”

“We’re able to say ‘Look at what this high performer is doing. If you do the same, your numbers should improve.’ and, we’ve actually seen that happen!”

The Challenges

One challenge TRI-K faced was that its sales team wasn’t using their CRM. Even though the adoption rate was low, with all their customer data in a centralized location, the next challenge TRI-K faced was keeping the customer data secure. One of the most pressing concerns was that sales people would download customer data and take it with them when they left the company. Additionally, It was important to Amit to have the ability to study login and usage habits so that he could determine which habits resulted in the most success.

Unfortunately for Amit, he didn’t have the time and resources it would have taken to make Salesforce fully meet his needs. That caused him to search for something that worked right out of the box. “I needed a plug-and-play solution. And I found one in FairWarning for Salesforce.” says Amit.


FairWarning for Salesforce leverages Salesforce’s event monitoring files to provide data protection and governance through user activity monitoring. It takes the raw data from event monitoring files and turns that data into human-readable text, thereby enabling any business-minded user to gain powerful insights and take action.

The Results

Secure-Customer-Data-Offboarding-Solution-Salesforce-SecurityGained Offboarding Insights

With FairWarning for Salesforce in place, Amit had the ability to easily see and track who did what, when they did it, where they did it from, and how frequently they did it. This gave him the insight he needed to get a better handle on data governance when offboarding sales personnel.

Success_Story_Icon_ResultsImproved Sales Meeting Preparation

FairWarning for Salesforce also enabled Amit to see what pre-meeting reports his sales team was generating but not bothering to save. Looking at the data, he quickly saw patterns in what things members of his team were looking for and provide a solution.

Success_Story_Icon_ResultsAbility to Study the Behavior of High Performers

TRI-K was now able to track the behavior of its sales team in terms of frequency and intensity of usage. “By looking at time and quality of use, we were able to prove that our salespeople who use Salesforce with frequency and intensity outperformed those who don’t.”

Success_Story_Icon_ResultsIncreased Adoption

With the ability to track the behavior of high performers came the ability to drive increased adoption. “We’re actually able to motivate people to use Salesforce more because we can show the value of increased usage through sales numbers,” shares Amit.

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