The Privacy and Security of Personal Information is a Human Right.

FairWarning believes the privacy and security of our personal information is a fundamental human right for all people. The protection and promotion of privacy for individual citizens around the world increases trust between people, businesses and governments which results in higher business velocity, better services, stability in our social fabric and a better quality of life for people.

We are a Privacy Company and Do Not Sell Personal Data of Any Form.

FairWarning has never and will never sell the data of its customers, employees, partners or any other affiliated party.

Privacy and Information Security are Foundational.

We take our information security, privacy, regulatory and business associate responsibilities seriously and continually invest in associated programs. FairWarning’s belief is that the jobs of security and privacy are never done; thus, we are continually striving to improve our security, privacy and compliance programs. This is important for the stability and sustainability of FairWarning, our team members and their families, customers, partners and all affiliated parties.

Customer-Centric Business Model.

FairWarning operates a customer-centric business model in which the entirety of our business is aligned toward our customers reaching productive use of our solutions with a highly favorable ROI and outcome for everyone involved. Further, we are committed to continuous innovation so that our customers’ receive ever-increasing value from our solutions at affordable prices. We strive for outstanding service, but when things do go wrong, we make every effort to “make it right”. Further, we are committed to controlling every aspect of customer success that is available to us and our desire is for our solutions to appear as “magic” to our end-users. However, there are things that we depend on from our customers in order to fulfill on our vision of customer success. We make concerted efforts to make customer responsibilities clear at all times.

We Hire People of Integrity.

FairWarning goes through what some call extreme measures to ensure its team members are of the highest competence and integrity. This includes lengthy interview processes, background checks, fact-checking and behavioral testing. FairWarning believes that our customers trust us implicitly to handle sensitive data and sensitive matters, most effectively in partnership so that we will continue to innovate and raise the bar on hiring persons of the highest integrity.

We Promote Diversity through Emphasizing Open Mindedness and Sincere Listening.

FairWarning believes that the right people are hard to find and we must have the utmost of open mindedness about candidates and their backgrounds. We have had great success in hiring a highly a diverse population of employees through very specific training techniques on open mindedness and objectively evaluating recruits.

We Make Decisions Based on Long-Term Thinking.

FairWarning is a privately held company which enables the business to take a long-term view on success and build the business in a profitable manner without short-cuts. This brings stability to everyone who counts on FairWarning including our team members, their families and our customers. We expect all team members to understand our proven, profitable and successful philosophies and buy-into them along with our culture.

We Give Back.

FairWarning has a twelve-year legacy and culture of giving back to the communities FairWarning serves and while we are a “for-profit” business, we seek like-minded professionals who have a track record of “paying it forward”. FairWarning programs include:

  • Next Generation Entrepreneurs with the Pinellas County School System
  • Numerous Red Cross Funding Raising and Matching Initiatives
  • “Pay-It-Forward Hires”
  • Animal and Wildlife Protection Fundraisers
  • Big Change for United Kingdom School System revitalization
  • BVI Hurricane Irma Humanitarian Relief Fund
  • University of Florida 10-Year Joint Development Program
  • TBTF Entrepreneur of the Year for Community and Education Efforts

The FairWarning Leadership Team