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Cloud Security Made Easy

Eliminate the complexity of cloud security with cloud-based software that any busy, business-minded person can easily understand and use.

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Refer an A-Player – Make $1,000!

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Spring Forward with Salesforce Security

For many organizations, securing Salesforce is a checklist of strict login requirements, access limitations, and trying not to forget to delete terminated users. As a result, today’s bad actors are targeting Salesforce users whose credentials can get through those safeguards.

What’s at stake? Security, trust and the future of healthcare

Security threats to the healthcare industry have reached unprecedented levels. Insider “snooping” has been joined by an entourage of nefarious allies, including: nation state attacks, hacktivists, international identity theft rings, and ransomware. Cybersecurity solutions that provide faster, more efficient detection of anomalous activity are necessary to safeguard EHRs and healthcare applications.

Real-Time Application Security Intelligence

FairWarning provides healthcare organizations with real-time event monitoring and continuous application security intelligence to detect anomalous user behaviors in EHRs and defend against today’s next generation of threats to protected health information (PHI).

Salesforce Security Month

Celebrating Salesforce Security Month

Security starts with you

For any organization, its people present the greatest opportunity for internal and external security threats. Cyber criminals and bad actors have shifted their tactics from technological

Salesforce World Tour 2016

March – December 2016 | Visit FairWarning at six Salesforce World Tour events including Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., London, Atlanta, and New York City.