Dreamforce 2017 came and went lightning fast, but the overarching theme of the event made a remarkedly lasting impression. More than one hundred seventy thousand physical attendees and 10 million online attendees from around the globe gathered to educate and inspire each other with a positive outlook of humanity’s future with the power of cloud technology.

Dreamforce 2017: Creating Customer Trust with Cloud Security

CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, explained in an interview with CNBC at Dreamforce “We are in an incredible time for technology…artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, nanotechnology, CRISPR, and genetics… all of these technologies are hitting us at once… that’s the fourth industrial revolution.”

“The Question is what are we going to do with all of these technologies?”

The answer seemed explicit at Dreamforce 2017. Organizations want to connect with their customers in an incredible new way to provide next-generation customer experiences.

“With this interconnectivity comes the need for organizations to ensure trust between themselves and their customers.”

Consumer trust has been jaded, notably in 2017, by data-rich tech giants, large scale data breaches, and the security vulnerabilities of our government; begging the all-encompassing question – is my data secure?

So how do we continue innovating and connecting with our customers while ensuring trust? It starts by verifying that your organization is secure from the inside out with a Trust but Verify® mentality.

Trust but Verify® with Cloud Security

Ensuring trust means securing your customer and company data, and it starts from the inside out. Time and time again at Dreamforce, we heard the need for organizations to secure their sensitive data. Employees and affiliates who access your cloud applications, often-times have access to your company and customer data. You should know who is accessing what information in your cloud applications using user activity monitoring and behavioral analytics.

As a part of Salesforce Shield, Salesforce Event Monitoring is a tool that helps keep your data secure by exposing the granular details of user activity in your organization. All of these events are stored in event log files.

Easy Interpretation of Event Log Files

FairWarning has partnered with Salesforce to radically simplify these Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring files into human readable text for the business minded user. Now organizations can easily draw insights with FairWarning for Cloud Security, into who is accessing what data, from where, and when – without a team of technical experts who can read log files.

The partnership began when Salesforce reached out to FairWarning due to our long history of reading audit log files for healthcare systems to provide patient privacy and healthcare compliance. We read these files out of major EHRs such as Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Allscripts with our Patient Privacy Intelligence platform. Salesforce asked that we apply our technologies to bring value to their Event Monitoring offering.

Year to date, we have grown bookings for FairWarning for cloud security 145%, and have 16 5-star Salesforce app exchange reviews.

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If you want to see how FairWarning can help your organization and comply with federal and state regulations contact us now.