FairWarning Fifth Gen: Giving Time Back to Customers with State of the Art Privacy, Security, and Reliability

FairWarning Fifth Gen: Giving Time Back to Customers with State of the Art Privacy, Security, and Reliability

2018 poses endless opportunity for the healthcare industry with advancements in technology that are changing the very fundamentals of patient care and creating a myriad of opportunities for the future. From telemedicine, mobility and cloud access, to wearable technology and the IOT, patient care is undergoing a digital transformation. Concurrently, the industry will also continue to face unprecedented challenges as it did in 2017. Hackers and attackers have scaled their attacks, and while healthcare organizations have bolstered security spending they are finding it difficult to scale their most valuable resource: time.

Because of this, the FairWarning team set out a year ago to better understand how the FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence Platform can be optimized to give customers time back in their day. FairWarning® has released it’s Fifth-Generation Patient Privacy Intelligence Platform based off customer feedback of 52 customer council members, 20+ founder vision briefings, and 50 collected requirements from user group members.

After conducting our listening campaign, there were key findings that drove the innovation of our “Fifthth Generation Platform”:

  • PPI platform is businesses critical to privacy and compliance
  • Customers are busy and need time back in their day
  • Undergoing OCR audit, concerns about preparedness
  • Need for advanced privacy and security analytics
  • Care providers need a partner in transforming their people into privacy and security assets
  • Customers want to get more value out of what they already own

‘Fifth Gen Gives You Time Back in Your Day’

Many of the 5th Gen features are available on the PPI platform, and are available to be distributed to customers

Rapid Automated Upgrade
Intelligent Alert Filtering
Automated Incident Response
Self-healing Monitoring Services
Cloud Offering
Machine Learning Services

Time Savings with 5th Generation Intelligent Filtering

Among the most powerful features of the 5th Gen platform is intelligent filtering. Over the years, The FairWarning managed privacy services team has discovered over 5,000 confirmed security incidents. We have used these findings to study which security alerts can be easily dismissed, and which alerts need to remain open for review. As a result, intelligent filtering and automated incident response offers you a 75% reduction in investigation time. On average customers are seeing a 40-65% reduction in false positives and a 2-hour time savings in investigations.

Reduce and Remediate Risk: Behavioral Analytics Enhancements

PPI 5th Gen offers enhancements to behavioral analytics to monitor user access to sensitive information. Fueled by the opioid crisis, employees and bad actors are using patient information to commit identity theft and fraud. Most commonly, we hear use cases regarding bill deletion, self-prescription, and data theft. Now more than ever, organizations need to know who is accessing what information to reduce and remediate risk.

5th Gen behavioral analytics enhancements include:

  • Trending and Access outlines
  • Statistical Analysis by job robe/title/other criteria
  • Visualization
  • Machine Learning

FairWarning 5th Gen offers a path forward for healthcare organizations to focus their time on securing patient data more efficiently, and most importantly, improving the quality of patient care. Hear it from our customer’s who are already using FairWarning 5th Gen: