FairWarning for Salesforce, Expanding Trust in the Cloud

FairWarning’s vision is to build trust by safeguarding sensitive and personal information that is held in our customers’ mission critical applications, and FairWarning does that for over 300 applications including Salesforce. All the way back to 2005, I envisioned safeguarding Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs) and in my patent application on Fraud and Misuse Detection leveraging audit logs, I included very specific use cases on the topic.

In the world of cloud there is no bigger CRM player than Salesforce, and there customers are building enterprises on the Salesforce platform at a scale and pace greater than ever before.  This means they are storing very sensitive business, customer and personal information in their Salesforce instance.  So when Salesforce recruited FairWarning to “Event Monitoring Trials” in late 2013, it was exciting and almost nine years in the making.  For FairWarning it was a no-brainer to invest in building a Salesforce specific solution that is easy to use, fast to deploy and provides business users such as CRM managers security information that is easy to understand and actionable.

These concepts are important because cloud applications like Salesforce have been adopted differently than traditional applications, there has been little involvement from the Information Technology and Information Security departments.  In addition to the above, this means FairWarning for Salesforce has to be incredibly flexible working with standard and customized fields and objects.  It also means FairWarning for Salesforce has to work with multiple-orgs for a single customer because Salesforce has been adopted business unit by business unit, but protection and governance requires central visibility.  We pull this altogether in FairWarning for Salesforce.

With our release of next-generation FairWarning for Salesforce we deliver cloud-based data protection and governance faster and more comprehensively than ever before.   Specially, FairWarning delivers packaged compliance, security and user activity monitoring controls for Salesforce that are installed with a few clicks and in a few minutes.  There is still planning required that is specific to every Salesforce customer and that can take some time, but FairWarning has eliminated all of the mechanics of getting controls in place rapidly with the ability to receive alerts, investigate potential incidents, report and evidence compliance programs.  Salesforce Shield, specifically Salesforce Event Monitoring is required but after that the technology is easy and rapid.  You can read our reviews on the AppExchange to get a first-hand idea of the customer experience.

FairWarning for Salesforce is feature and benefit rich including streamlined forensic investigations, flexible reporting, alerting, dashboards, statistical trending and behavioral analysis.  I will leave those details to our web site and capable product marketing teams, the purpose of this blog post is to underscore our vision and strategic dedication to FairWarning for Salesforce.

Kurt J. Long
Founder and CEO FairWarning


About the Author:

Kurt is the Founder of FairWarning® and has been involved in patient privacy monitoring deployments with healthcare customers representing over 7,000 healthcare facilities & exchanges. Articles and work produced by Kurt have been published dozens of times in major information security & compliance publications, and he is frequently asked to testify or brief federal government officials on healthcare privacy. Kurt is a U.S. patent holder and has been involved in an advisory or founding role of several market-leading information security companies. Kurt holds a Master’s degree in Theoretical Mathematics from the University of South Florida. Kurt is also a champion for entrepreneurship with high school students and is the Co-founder of Next Generation Entrepreneurs with the Pinellas Education Foundation.