Salesforce Application Performance

Welcome to part 3 of the FairWarning® Salesforce business blog post series: performance. In this post, we will explain the value of measuring Salesforce application performance, maximizing ROI, and increasing Salesforce productivity. FairWarning® for Salesforce® can provide the insights needed to increase the productivity across the application, and thus your users. With powerful metrics, organizations can justify the need for development and optimization of their Salesforce® application with a strong ROI.

Salesforce Application Performance

Chances are that many, if not all, of your team members use the Salesforce® application multiple hours per day. With so much time dedicated, its important that both the user and the application are interacting in the most efficient and time effective way possible. This means the Visualforce or Lightning pages should be performing at the highest speed and accuracy possible.

Salesforce Visualforce and Lightning Pages are designed to provide developers with the ability to match the functionality, behavior, and performance of standard Salesforce pages. As your company grows and users are performing multiple actions at once within the application, slow load times can interrupt the productive workflow. The impact can have a bigger affect than you may think. Consider the example below. Just a 10% decrease in Lightning page performance can result in hefty annual costs:

FairWarning for Salesforce

To save time and resources, organizations can utilize FairWarning® for Salesforce® to identify exactly what pages are underperforming – and what the issues are. With in-depth insight into your Salesforce pages, quantify your spend and ROI on developing Visualforce and Lightning pages.

FairWarning® monitors and reports:

  • Slowest Pages by Type

  • Failed Pages by Type

  • Failed APIs by Name

  • Top APIs by Name

  • Top Objects accessed by APIs

i.e. Using the FairWarning performance dashboard, you can identify that a Visualforce or Lightning page is taking 5,000 seconds to load. Looking back, it’s clear that the error is occurring later in the day, and that there are 5 automatic concurrent requests that occur everyday during this time.

Maximize ROI to Focus on Growing Your Business

With accurate and specific insights, you can now point your developer to the specific problem. With the Fairwarning® Salesforce® performance dashboard, you’re able to save valuable time and resources to maximize ROI and focus on growing your business. Try it Free Here.