Enjoy and Remember to Celebrate the Meaning of the Day

Enjoy and Remember to Celebrate the Meaning of the Day

Happy 4th of July Weekend,

July 4th is a great day to celebrate and have fun with friends and family, get in the water, cool off, or just take time to relax.

In your time away take notice there are thousands of Churches, Religious Meeting Places and Community Centers that remember our Veterans this weekend. Please remember to pause and appreciate those who made & make our freedom possible.

Have a fabulous time this weekend, remember our Founding Fathers and Veterans, and make the very most of your time.

By the way, the USA, and UK have so much in common and the connections are close – if you are interested in learning more, I recommend “Of God and Gold”, how the USA and England shaped the modern world we live in – great book!


About the Author:

Kurt is the Founder of FairWarning® and has been involved in patient privacy monitoring deployments with healthcare customers representing over 7,000 healthcare facilities & exchanges. Articles and work produced by Kurt have been published dozens of times in major information security & compliance publications, and he is frequently asked to testify or brief federal government officials on healthcare privacy. Kurt is a U.S. patent holder and has been involved in an advisory or founding role of several market-leading information security companies. Kurt holds a Master’s degree in Theoretical Mathematics from the University of South Florida. Kurt is also a champion for entrepreneurship with high school students and is the Co-founder of Next Generation Entrepreneurs with the Pinellas Education Foundation.