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Why Athletes and Veterans Make Great Team Mates at FairWarning

FairWarning’s values focus on innovating and competing through teamwork to create ever increasing value for our customers.  Our values emphasize that when we all work toward the same vision, the possibilities are limitless.  It should come as no surprise that FairWarning hires way more than our fair share of competitive athletes and veterans who have served in the military.

You don’t have to be a top athlete or veteran to work at FairWarning, but it helps a lot to think like one.  Over the years when FairWarning examined the attributes of our top performers and how closely they mapped to our core values – Communication, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Results Oriented, Fun and Healthy – and we saw a pattern.  Very often our top performers served in some branch of the military such as Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force or Marines.  Or they had a background in competitive sports through high school and many cases through university.

Competitive athletes and veterans are unreasonably determined to accomplish their mission.  They know the focus of successful teams is not exclusively on winning, rather the main focus is on understanding the game plan, maximizing the potential of the team, and doing everything within their control to prepare and improve.  When teams take this approach, it is amazing how often they win.

Athletes and veterans also know that talking and boasting doesn’t go far in the real world.  Real competitors are always looking for an innovation that can improve them, and that there is no replacement for rolling up the sleeves and doing the work.

One of my very favorite sport leaders of all time is John Wooden.  John Wooden’s UCLA basketball teams won 10 NCAA Championships, 7 in a row including an 88 game win streak and those who played for him said John never used the word “win”.  But he planned UCLA’s basketball practices literally down to the minute, stuck to his pyramid of values and his team’s were prepared to the utmost for every game.  John’s players have gone on to be great basketball players, business people, pastors, lawyers, and most importantly great people.  They attribute the lessons taught by John as the source of their success.

FairWarning is hiring, and we are looking for the attributes found in great athletes and veterans.


Kurt J Long