The decision of whether to build or buy a mature cloud security solution can be a difficult one for financial services and insurance organizations – especially when attempting to advance information security tools alongside competing organizational priorities.

It’s an important time to explore cloud security solutions, particularly for Salesforce: According to Accenture, financial services breaches have tripled over the past five years. And according to a 2018 IBM report, each record breached costs financial services firms an average of $206 per record — 29 times the global average.

On February 21The PURE Group of Insurance Companies joins Salesforce for a FairWarning Executive Series Webinar on how PURE answered the “build or buy” question when seeking a Salesforce data security solution. You’ll learn…

  • What drove PURE’s need for Salesforce data security
  • What PURE learned about the build vs. buy question
  • Best practices for determining the right fit for your needs
  • Salesforce solutions that can provide total visibility into user activity
  • The Salesforce Shield product roadmap for 2019 and beyond

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019

Time: 2-3 p.m. EST

Registration fee: Free

Stuart Tainsky PURE Insurance
Stuart Tainsky
Senior Vice President of Administration
PURE Group of Insurance Companies
In his role as Senior Vice President of Administration for the PURE Group of Insurance Companies (PURE), a specialist insurer serving high-net-worth individuals and families across the United States, Stuart Tainsky has oversight of the company’s technology infrastructure, enterprise cybersecurity efforts, disaster recovery, incident response planning, real estate, and corporate administrative services. Prior to this role, Stuart served as Chief Information Officer for PURE (2009-14) and Chief Technology Officer for NFP (1999-2008), and as a consultant at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young.
Amanda Grady
Senior Manager of Product Management
As the Product Manager for Salesforce Shield, Event Monitoring, Amanda Grady helps customers gain access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all their Salesforce applications, accessed via API into a visualization tool of choice. She has worked with enterprise software and cloud solutions for more than 10 years, beginning as a threat analyst with a startup called Brightmail. After the company was acquired by Symantec, Amanda worked there as Operations Center Team Lead (2004-07), Manager of Business Intelligence (2007-12), and Senior Product Manager of Advanced Threat Protection (2012-16).