Growth Marketing Manager

Great Products & Services Plus Raving Fans, Now we Need More Members of our Marketing Team

FairWarning is hiring a Growth Marketing Manager to scale up the triple growth of our newest offering, FairWarning for Salesforce.

Here is more about the offering and what you will be marketing:

  • Our patented offering, FairWarning for Salesforce, radically simplifies important aspects of cloud security and compliance beginning with protecting sensitive information held in the Salesforce Cloud as well as extending security to other cloud and industry applications
  • 145 % 2017 YTD growth, targeting > 100 % growth in 2018
  • Overall AppExchange rating of 5.0 with 16 Consecutive 5-Star Reviews
  • Validation of our unique vision through big brand customer references from around the globe including the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Middle East
  • Customer purchase drivers are security of their customer data held in the cloud as well as compliance with industry regulations which are increasingly enforced due to cybersecurity concerns
  • Prospects include a broad base of exciting companies from the Wealth, Banking and Health industries
  • FairWarning has been voted a Top Workplace for five (5) consecutive years

Description of Role

The Growth Marketing Manager is responsible for full funnel impact with contributions across a myriad of channels to deliver optimal ROI including FairWarning’s website, search engine marketing, online content syndication, webinars, and tradeshows. more about the role is below:

  • Data Driven: The successful candidate will conceptualize, implement and optimize the marketing/sales funnel using industry best practices for marketing with a heavy emphasis on measurement and optimization.
  • Team Player: The successful candidate will collaborate with sales, leadership, and others in marketing to try new lead generation and customer engagement programs, tactics, and achieve joint goals for lead generation and sales.
  • Problem Solver: The successful candidate will understand the end to end funnel and look to both widen the top of the funnel as well as optimize conversion within.
  • Challenge Status Quo: The successful candidate will manage A/B tests and translate results into insights – have insatiable appetite to find new paths of growths driven by data results in help balance quantitative findings with qualitative direction coming from Product Marketing to help sharpen ad-copy and creative.


Successful candidates have the following background:

  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience with demand marketing, user acquisition marketing or similar fields (preferably in the B2B space)
  • Proven ability to build and manage successful marketing campaigns
  • Experience with successful hands-on execution of digital programs: including email, online advertising, webinars, marketing automation, SEO, and ABM
  • Working knowledge of marketing and sales systems, including but not limited to Salesforce, Pardot, and Google Analytics
  • Solid familiarity with global privacy and security regulations a plus
  • Proficiency with Customer Relationship Management systems required

Characteristics of Successful Candidates

FairWarning operates a customer-centric business model with strong teamwork across the business. As such successful candidates have the following characteristics:

  • Get it done mindset – issues are solutions waiting to happen
  • Strong analytical skills, with a data-driven approach to managing campaigns
  • Strong project management and communication skills, with the ability to partner with senior-level leadership
  • Owner mindset – you don’t need departments to support you – you’ve built things yourself in a great, fast-paced environment
  • Consistently positive and highly self-motivated
  • Customer-centric philosophy of Marketing
  • Team-player who buys into FairWarning values and the “FairWarning Way”
  • Relentless learner
  • Persistent and competitive

Additional Information About FairWarning and the Opportunity

  • FairWarning has a proven track record of developing, selling and servicing patented, market-leading product and service offerings
  • FairWarning has been voted a Top Workplace for five (5) consecutive years
  • Proven, stable and profitable for ten consecutive years
  • Successfully executing on unique & differentiated vision of radically simplifying cloud security
  • Multiple patents and trademarks on FairWarning product technology
  • Multi-billion dollar growth market for FairWarning’s cloud security offering

For more information on FairWarning and our latest successful offering, FairWarning for Salesforce, visit