What is the GDPR and How Can You Prepare?

The GDPR is a new law that changes the way organizations collect, store, and use personal data of European Union Citizens.

Before you exonerate yourself from GDPR compliance, note that these laws adhere to any company processing or handling EU citizen data, even if it is located outside of the EU.

Why Monitor More Than Your EHR

The truth is that most healthcare organizations violate at least some aspect of the HIPAA Security Rule, putting both patient data and HIPAA compliance at risk.

Healthcare, in fact, is one of the top five industries targeted by cybercriminals.

Why Your Security Is Only as Good as the Quality of Your Data

Identity Intelligence involves an in-depth understanding of each user: Who the user is, their role in the organization, and the organizational assets to which the user has access. Without data quality within your applications, identity intelligence is difficult. Learn more about common mistakes to avoid.

User Activity Monitoring

Real-time, comprehensive user activity monitoring allows healthcare systems to instantly identify and prevent dangerous security breaches within the network.

User Behavior Analytics

How proactive is your security team about detecting, investigating, and isolating alerts? Do your current strategies alert you to information systems misuse from within your own organization?