Backstory – “FairWarning for Salesforce”

The FairWarning for Salesforce back story starts years earlier with a knock on my door on a Monday morning by the FBI at a company I founded named "OpenNetwork". The FBI was asking for our cooperation in investigating a computer crime committed from our network.


Growing up we are all told to work-hard, excel in school, get a job, be responsible and we were reminded that successful people postpone gratification with the idea they will have some great success later. Presumably this postponed gratification makes up for years of drudgery. This kind of thinking tends to take the joy and inspiration out of life.

FairWarning Pay It Forward Hires

"FairWarning Pay It Forward Hires" is an innovative new program in which FairWarning pays a $ 1,000 referral fee to any person who refers a candidate who is hired by FairWarning. Additionally, FairWarning pays $ 500 to one of our foundational charities for every "Pay It Forward Hire."