Solving Shadow IT: Information Security and Governance Strategies

The cloud has empowered employees to circumvent IT and enabled shadow IT to pop-up throughout organizations of all sizes. It’s nearly impossible for the IT staff to get their arms around all of the different applications that are being downloaded by employees. Hear from one of the world’s leading CISOs, Gene Fredriksen, on how he has manages shadow IT

How LendingPoint is Solving PCI Compliance with FairWarning for Salesforce

Today, businesses of all sizes, across all industries, even those that are heavily regulated, are storing their most sensitive information in Salesforce. This data can be accessed by tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees. How do you ensure that your Salesforce data is secure and that you are meeting compliance regulations?

The Value of Salesforce Event Monitoring

January 13, 2015 | Learn how Salesforce Event Monitoring provides robust, predictable, and timely system data that can be used to enhance security and privacy, usage and adoption, and regulatory compliance.