How an Insider Data Breach Inspired FairWarning’s Vision

The FairWarning for Salesforce back story starts years earlier with a knock on my door on a Monday morning by the FBI. The FBI was asking for our cooperation in investigating a computer crime committed

Salesforce Data Protection and Governance

Organizations of all sizes, across all industries are storing more and more sensitive information in Salesforce. As a result, comprehensive data protection and governance for Salesforce has become more important than ever.

Expanding Patient Trust Through Data Protection

The threats to patient information have never been greater, but FairWarning was founded to protect hospitals and health systems against the theft and misuse of PHI held in EHRs.

Trust but Verify: FairWarning for Salesforce

Today, businesses store their most confidential information in the cloud with applications such as Salesforce. This means dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees have access to confidential information that can be downloaded or exported without detection.