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of data breaches are caused by insiders

*2018 Verizon Data Breach Report

Monitor and Detect Insider Threats

FairWarning’s user behavioral analytics trends activity and access across multiple applications and orgs to show you what your employees and contractors are doing, when they do it. Each user is assigned a “People Risk Card,” which displays an overview of their permissions and risk level.

Secure organizations use FairWarning to not only detect unusual or suspicious activities, but to predict and prevent future behaviors that may damage your organization.

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Detect Suspicious Activity Across Multiple Applications and Orgs

Privileged users have more advanced permissions in your cloud environment than the average user – and can maliciously or accidentally render your cloud instance useless, delete data, escalate privileges, and cover their tracks.

FairWarning offers a consolidated view of all profiles and permissions, proactively monitors and alerts users of escalations or changes in permission sets, and helps you meet key components of security and privacy regulations and frameworks.

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of security breaches involve privileged user credentials

* Forrester Research, “The Forrester Wave: Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016”

It takes 206 days to detect the average data breach

* Ponemon Institute, “Cost of Data Breach Study”

Retain Data Longer and More Easily Manage Your Forensic and Breach Investigations

Many cloud tools only store your data for 180 days or less, and performing lookbacks can be manual and time consuming. FairWarning helps you manage the full lifecycle of a security incident so you can detect, investigate, mitigate, and remediate faster than ever before.

Healthcare, financial services, and other organizations also benefit from FairWarning’s proactive alerts, streamlined workflows, and robust data storage, allowing them to act quickly, preventing a security incident from becoming a full-blown breach.

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Comply with Industry Regulations Like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOX and FINRA

FairWarning maps to regulations and frameworks like GDPR, PCI, FINRA, FFIEC, FCA, SOX, the NY State Cybersecurity Rule, HIPAA, and more.

Integrate FairWarning with more than 350 network applications and more easily meet compliance needs throughout your organization. Governance reporting helps you demonstrate compliance with leaders, shareholders, and auditors and develop an internal culture of security and compliance over time.

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of financial services firms expect an increased focus on managing regulatory risk

* Thomson Reuters, “Cost of Compliance 2017 Report”

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United Capital

"With FairWarning for Cloud, you now have a pristine, secure, reliable audit log base that you can use to direct your business intelligence tools."

Mark Bowling

Mark Bowling

Consulting ISO
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“With FairWarning, all that cryptic information is transformed into understandable reports and graphs. What would have taken me days to figure out before is now in my inbox every day as an alert.”

Steve Early, Novanta

Steve Early

Global Administrator
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Midland IRA

“I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that we will be notified if something out of the ordinary happens.”

Joe Stolz - Midlend IRA

Joe Stolz

Business Systems Manager
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Eliminating the Insider Threat

Learn how to mitigate internal risks within your organization by reading this e-book, which contains must-know insider threat statistics and figures, five different insider threat profiles with example scenarios, the telling indicators of potential insider threats, and steps for allaying risk.

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