Cloud Security Google Drive

FairWarning for Google Drive protects your organization’s most sensitive data, like customer and prospect lists, from getting into the wrong hands. Without user activity monitoring, departing employees, disgruntled employees, or an employee whose credentials have been compromised by a third-party, can access and download cloud data on their way out – often without detection.

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What puts your organization at risk?

Departing Employees

With FairWarning for Google Drive, you can quickly conduct a forensic investigation on departing employees to detect and proactively alert on unusual or inappropriate behavior such as massive exports.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Improve your security posture in the cloud and not create more risk. FairWarning for Google Drive helps you satisfy key requirements across global regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, ISO 2700, PCI, FINRA, and many others.

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Misuse of Privileged Users Access

Detect anomalies and privileged user access such as ‘log in as’ activity to make sure your power users aren’t abusing your trust.