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Protect your data at the application layer to support a defense-in-depth security posture with FairWarning

Why is monitoring activity at the application layer essential? Because it’s the only layer where you can obtain a user-centric view to determine who accessed what information in your mission-critical applications.

Common Use Cases

Information Security

Gain visibility into risky, abnormal insider behavior and automate forensic investigations


Encourage greater Salesforce user productivity through error monitoring

Compliance & Privacy

Automate compliance processes and provide transparency into data access

Usage & Adoption

Identify non-engaged users and provide just-in-time

We also support custom use case scenarios to meet your unique Salesforce monitoring and alerting needs.

Explore Real-Time Use Cases to Instantly Detect Threats

FairWarning is the leader in helping you manage Salesforce data privacy and security with clicks, not code

Understand What’s Happening With Your Data – No Manual Parsing Required

Salesforce generates 51 types of hourly log files and 12 real-time streams. Together, these produce millions of lines of data, which cannot be interpreted without transformation and correlation. FairWarning is the only AppExchange partner that translates and correlates the data into powerful, actionable insights in a turnkey platform.

Translation = You don’t need a team of data scientists to understand your data.

Learn how to identify Salesforce security risks in real time

Cut Investigation Times From Months to Days

Rewind past user activity to meet compliance requirements and speed remediation by leveraging a library of more than 120 pre-built reports. Then, quickly report on Salesforce activity with a single click.

Learn how PURE insurance saved time by buying – not building – a Salesforce security solution

Manage Risk Through Automated Threat Detection

Continuously monitor 100% of Salesforce user activity to detect insider threats to know what’s happening in your environment faster and take your security posture from reactive to proactive.

Discover How Fortimize Increased Salesforce Security and Compliance to Protect Data
United Capital

“FairWarning is very powerful because we don’t have to rely on one or two people who are able to read and use the logging tools. Now the whole department can look at the insights FairWarning gives in the business intelligence layer.”

Brandon Gage - United Capital

Brandon Gage

SVP of Technology
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“With FairWarning, all that cryptic information is transformed into understandable reports and graphs. What would have taken me days to figure out before is now in my inbox every day as an alert.”

Steve Early, Novanta

Steve Early

Global Salesforce.com Administrator
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Midland IRA

“I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that we will be notified if something out of the ordinary happens.”

Joe Stolz - Midlend IRA

Joe Stolz

Business Systems Manager
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