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FinTech and FairWarning for Salesforce

FairWarning for Salesforce is purpose-built to monitor and protect Salesforce, and other cloud applications like Office 365 and Box, against data theft. FairWarning’s vision has always been to remove the complication from cloud security, and deliver cloud-based software that a busy, business-minded person can easily understand and use.

FairWarning customers in the financial vertical are managing over $165 Billion in assets around the world.


Common Use Cases Across our FinTech Customers Include:

Salesforce_Use_Case_Bullet Respond to internal and external investigations of client and company access within Salesforce, including investigations of enforcement of “ethical walls”
Salesforce_Use_Case_Bullet Monitor exports of MBA summer interns as well as Associates at venture capital, and private equity firms; firms may choose to monitor Partners
Salesforce_Use_Case_Bullet Monitoring access of Limited Partners (LP) information held in Salesforce, including personal details, deal positions and wiring instructions
Salesforce_Use_Case_Bullet Investigate activities of departing brokers, bankers and wealth management advisors from taking high net worth individual information
Salesforce_Use_Case_Bullet FinTech customers are highly sensitive to trustworthy business or retail customers and monitor for export and unusual access
Salesforce_Use_Case_Bullet Respond to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) investigation to provide details on who has accessed specific investor information, which may be held in Salesforce and other cloud applications

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Additional Information About FairWarning for Salesforce FinTech Services Customers:

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