Use Cases Premium Enterprise
Monitor the creation & deletion of objects, including custom objects such as opportunities, accounts, contacts, and leads
Detect changes to security controls within Salesforce (e.g., creation of admin users, changes to permissions or profiles, escalation of privileges, changes to password policies)
Monitor when inactive users attempt to login to your Salesforce org
Be proactively alerted when unapproved applications are accessing your data within Salesforce
Conduct a forensic investigation of Salesforce usage by a departing employee
Mitigate risk exposure by detecting and tracking abnormal user behaviors
Fulfill on legal requests of who’s accessed what data in Salesforce
Monitor which exports and reports specific users are running, and the size of each report/export
Comply with state, federal, and global regulations regarding access controls and monitoring user access (e.g., PCI DSS, FFIEC, SOX, NYCR, HIPAA, SEC, FCA, FINRA, ISO, FERPA).

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