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Of assets under management protected
Healthcare facilities secured
Rows of data analyzed per day

How FairWarning helps customers strengthen Salesforce data security:


of security breaches involve privileged user credentials

*Forrester Research, “The Forrester Wave: Privileged Identity Management, Q3 2016”

Monitor Privileged Users

Monitor and audit the activities of Salesforce users who have access to the most sensitive data and security controls across your organization to prevent privileged user abuse from damaging your instance – and your business.

Get a consolidated view of profiles and permissions, monitor for escalations and changes in permission sets, and meet key parts of security and privacy regulations and frameworks, like GDPR and ISO 27001.

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of enterprises store sensitive data in the cloud

*2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report

Prevent Data Theft

Departing employees may find your proprietary information very valuable, particularly if they’re moving to — or starting — a competitive organization.

Salesforce has evolved from a CRM to a core business application that might hold sensitive customer and prospect data, trade secrets, and more. Many employees begin exfiltrating data 90 days before they leave, and proactive monitoring can help alert you to unusual activity by your Salesforce users.

Whether employees are suddenly exporting a higher-than-normal number of records or accessing documents that are not essential to their business function, FairWarning for Salesforce reads your Shield audit logs and delivers useful insights so you can take action before it’s too late.

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Detect and Remediate Insider Threats

Monitor and detect careless or malicious users who are misusing your sensitive information.

User behavior analytics proactively track and analyze user behaviors to spot anomalies and predict future behaviors across multiple orgs.

FairWarning for Salesforce also integrates with multiple apps, giving you visibility across your entire cloud application environment. View each user’s permissions and risk levels, and predict and prevent future behaviors that could have dire consequences for your operations and reputation.

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of data breaches are caused by insiders

*2018 Verizon Data Breach Report

of compliance professionals expect their personal compliance liability to increase in the next year

*Thomson Reuters 2017 Cost of Compliance survey

Comply with Regulations

A culture of security and privacy starts with a culture of compliance.

Monitor for changes in the security configurations of your Salesforce instance and third-party networks to keep your organization secure. FairWarning maps to such regulations as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FFIEC, FCA, FINRA, SOX, and the NY Cybersecurity Rule, ensuring that your Salesforce data security helps you satisfy key compliance requirements.

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Available Daily/Hourly Now Available in Real-Time Use Cases
Yes Yes Fulfill on legal requests of who’s accessed what data in Salesforce
Yes Yes Monitor which exports and reports specific users are running, and the size of each report/export
Yes Yes Monitor when inactive users attempt to login to your Salesforce org
Yes Yes Receive proactive alerts when unapproved applications access your Salesforce data
Yes Yes Detect when a user accesses, updates, or exports list view data using Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience, or the API
Yes Yes Conduct a forensic investigation on the Salesforce usage of a departing employee
Yes Yes Mitigate risk exposure by detecting and tracking abnormal user behaviors
Yes Yes Detect when a user tries to log in under certain conditions (e.g., from an unsupported browser or from an IP address outside of your corporate range)
Yes Monitor the creation & deletion of objects, including custom objects such as opportunities, accounts, contacts, and leads
Yes Detect changes to security controls within Salesforce (e.g., creation of admin users, changes to permissions or profiles, escalation of privileges, changes to password policies)
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United Capital

“FairWarning is very powerful because we don’t have to rely on one or two people who are able to read and use the logging tools. Now the whole department can look at the insights FairWarning gives in the business intelligence layer.”

Brandon Gage - United Capital

Brandon Gage

SVP of Technology
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“With FairWarning, all that cryptic information is transformed into understandable reports and graphs. What would have taken me days to figure out before is now in my inbox every day as an alert.”

Steve Early, Novanta

Steve Early

Global Administrator
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Midland IRA

“I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that we will be notified if something out of the ordinary happens.”

Joe Stolz - Midlend IRA

Joe Stolz

Business Systems Manager
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Eliminating the Insider Threat

Learn how to mitigate internal risks within your organization by reading this e-book, which contains must-know insider threat statistics and figures, five different insider threat profiles with example scenarios, the telling indicators of potential insider threats, and steps for allaying risk.

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