Salesforce has laid out the key pieces to building trust, transparency, compliance, and governance to your Salesforce instance with Event Monitoring.

Event Monitoring lets you see the granular details of user activity in your organization, called “events.” Salesforce took a visionary approach empowering its partners and ISVs to create third-party solutions to solve complex industry and governance challenges.

FairWarning, a 5 star rated ISV partner, is the final piece to the Event Monitoring data protection and governance puzzle. Event Monitoring on its own is not a data protection and compliance solution – but rather a core piece to a much larger puzzle.

Event Monitoring provides hard-to-read, non-actionable, raw data, that is only accessible via an API. And on its own does not fulfill compliance mandates.

FairWarning for Salesforce leverages the Event Monitoring files to provide data protection and governance through user activity monitoring. It takes the raw data from the Event Monitoring files and turns them into human readable text – enabling any business-minded user to gain powerful insights and take action.

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Primary Use Cases

How It Works

Cloud Security Export Data FairWarning
Applications record user activity in complex audit logs
Cloud Security Audit Log Files FairWarning
FairWarning turns your data into readable text
Cloud Security How it Works FairWarning
FairWarning generates alerts & visualizes data so you can take action

FairWarning for Salesforce gives you the ability to easily see and track who did what, when they did it, where they did it from, and how frequently they did it. It’s cloud security made easy! It’s an affordable, fast-deploy, cloud-based platform that can be downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange. FairWarning for Salesforce continuously monitors for unusual access, proactively alerts you of potential incidents, enables rapid investigations of user activity and satisfies critical regulatory requirements.

FairWarning for Salesforce
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FairWarning® for Salesforce
Data Protection Through User Activity Monitoring

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Cloud security doesn’t have to be a science project.

In the words of one customer, FairWarning for Salesforce is “simple to use and very customizable. Some apps turn into nightmarish undertakings but there was no complicated setup or wacky limitations. It does exactly what is advertised without a boat load of workarounds.”

“Best Product for Monitoring, and a Great Team.”
“Easy and Efficient. Simple to use and very customizable.”
“Excellent product and fantastic customer service!”
“Outstanding Product – Great team – Seamless Implementation.”
“Would recommend to any company that needs this type of service.”