FairWarning for Cloud Security leverages the industry’s first user-centric security solution – powered by FairWarning’s patented Identity Intelligence technology.

Intelligent 360-degree view of a user’s behavior across all cloud applications:

  • Visual summary of user activity
  • Detect unusual user access patterns
  • Real-time alerts on anomalous behaviors
  • Identify from where and when users are logging in

User-Centric Security Screenshot

Security incidents don’t happen in a vacuum.

It takes just one rogue employee to steal your data and cause a host of problems – from stealing customer and prospect lists to litigation and regulatory issues. With FairWarning’s Identity Intelligence, you can increase your odds of knowing who your biggest threat is, when an employee is planning to quit, and mitigate your risk of data breaches and compliance incidents.

The easy-to-read, intelligent 360-degree user views give you visibility into individual employee behaviors.

By flagging high, medium and low risk employee behaviors, you have the information you need to potentially stop a breach before it happens. You can also identify patterns that can predict when an employee may be planning to quit.

FairWarning Identity Intelligence provides total visibility across all of your cloud-based applications (Salesforce, Office 365, Box, etc) and electronic health records (EHR) to view the who, what, where, when of what your employees have accessed including: what system the user has accessed, the log-in time and ID used, as well as GPS information on where the user logged-in from.