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FairWarning for Cloud Security

Security & Governance Monitoring for
your Mission Critical Cloud Applications

An organization’s privileged users pose a very particular set of security challenges. These are the users with more authority to access systems and data than general users; and the greater the privileges, the greater the security risk.

FairWarning instantly puts in place mission critical security and governance monitoring. Supported applications:


“With FairWarning, we are able to provide our clients with definitive data so that they can make educated executive decisions about their users’ actions.”

Jefferson National

“It’s nice knowing there's something in the background looking for security policy violations versus us having to have our eyes and ears to the ground searching for them.”


“We in the healthcare industry have existing as well as new regulatory obligations and FairWarning is absolutely crucial to us meeting those regulations.”

Mercy Health

"Nothing that happens in Privacy, Compliance, or Security happens in a vacuum - it always affects all three of those areas."

Detroit Medical Center

"FairWarning ’s automated alerting capabilities have replaced random auditing, fulfilled key requirements for the achievement of meaningful use, and the staff is confident that they are proactively identifying potential privacy breaches."


“I needed a plug-and-play solution. And I found one in FairWarning for Salesforce."

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