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Cloud Security Made Easy

Cloud Security

Made Easy

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Single platform.
Multiple Applications.
Designed for business-minded users.

Turn your event monitoring files into human readable text.

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Cloud Security Office 365

Protect against data theft in Office 365

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Cloud Security Google Drive

Protect against data theft in Google Drive

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Cloud Security Box

Protect against data theft in box

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Cloud Security Dropbox

Protect against data theft in Dropbox

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Cloud Security Microsoft Dynamics

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Cloud Security Export Data FairWarning

Applications record user activity in complex audit logs

Cloud Security Audit Log Files FairWarning

FairWarning turns your data into readable text

Cloud Security How it Works FairWarning

FairWarning generates alerts & visualizes data so you can take action

From startups to the Fortune 100, hundreds of companies rely on FairWarning to protect their data

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