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FairWarning for Salesforce

Mission-Critical Security & Governance
Monitoring for your Salesforce Instances

FairWarning for Salesforce instantly puts in place mission critical security and governance monitoring in the areas of

of assets under management protected
healthcare facilities secured
rows of data analyzed per day
5-Star AppExchange reviews

Brandon Gage, United Capital“FairWarning is very powerful because we don’t have to rely on one or two people who are able to read and use the logging tools. Now the whole department can look at the insights FairWarning gives in the business intelligence layer.”

— Brandon Gage, SVP of Technology at United Capital | View Webinar

Steve Early“With FairWarning, all that cryptic information is transformed into understandable reports and graphs. What would have taken me days to figure out before is now in my inbox every day as an alert.”

— Steve Early, Novanta Global Administrator | Visit AppExchange

“I have a lot more peace of mind knowing that we will be notified if something out of the ordinary happens.”

— Joe Stolz, Midland IRA Business Systems Manager | View Success Story

Security and Governance monitoring control that FairWarning solves instantly:

Protect against Privileged Users

$Premium w/o Event Monitoring
  • Consolidation of your user profiles and permission sets
  • Monitoring and alerting for escalation of privileged users
  • Monitoring Login Activity from restricted locations, hours, or IP addresses
  • Detection of browsers or applications with known security vulnerabilities or down-level versions
  • Prevent unauthorized access from users no longer employed or contracted with the company
  • Detection of Compromised User Credentials
  • Monitor and detect creation and deletion of standard objects within Salesforce
  • Monitor multiple Sandbox environments
  • Monitor third-party applications

Leverage Event Monitoring to Protect Against Insiders

$Enterprise w/ Event Monitoring
  • Receive all Premium use cases PLUS
  • Conduct Forensic Investigation of Salesforce users
  • Monitor Log-in As by privileged users
  • Detection of data theft and unusual behavior by tracking and trending activity over given periods
  • Monitoring Usage and Adoption indicators (i.e.. Unsaved reports and custom objects)
  • Monitor and alert on abnormal user behavior to prevent data exfiltration
  • Evidence of security controls around cloud applications for investors and clients
  • Compliance with state, Federal, and global regulations related to access controls and monitoring user access (PCI, FFIEC, SOX, NYCR, HIPAA, SEC, FCA, FINRA, ISO, FERPA

“With FairWarning, we are able to provide our clients with definitive data so that they can make educated executive decisions about their users’ actions.”

Jefferson National

“It’s nice knowing there's something in the background looking for security policy violations versus us having to have our eyes and ears to the ground searching for them.”


“We in the healthcare industry have existing as well as new regulatory obligations and FairWarning is absolutely crucial to us meeting those regulations.”

Mercy Health

"Nothing that happens in Privacy, Compliance, or Security happens in a vacuum - it always affects all three of those areas."

Detroit Medical Center

"FairWarning ’s automated alerting capabilities have replaced random auditing, fulfilled key requirements for the achievement of meaningful use, and the staff is confident that they are proactively identifying potential privacy breaches."


“I needed a plug-and-play solution. And I found one in FairWarning for Salesforce."