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FairWarning for Salesforce monitors and protects against Salesforce data theft

It can be a departing or disgruntled employee, or an employee whose credentials have unknowingly been compromised. If you’re storing your most sensitive information in cloud-based CRM applications like Salesforce – dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your employees have access, at their fingertips, to confidential information — customer, prospect, supplier, financial and investor information. It can be accessed, exported and downloaded without anyone being the wiser.

Primary Use Cases

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FairWarning for Salesforce leverages the Event Monitoring files to provide data protection and governance through user activity monitoring. It takes the raw data from the Event Monitoring files and turns them into human readable text – enabling any business-minded user to gain powerful insights and take action.


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Serving all industries including:

Protecting Proprietary Data

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Guarding Assets

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Safeguarding PHI & complying with HIPAA

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FairWarning® for Salesforce
Data Protection Through User Activity Monitoring

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Cloud security doesn’t have to be a science project.

In the words of one customer, FairWarning for Salesforce is “simple to use and very customizable. Some apps turn into nightmarish undertakings but there was no complicated setup or wacky limitations. It does exactly what is advertised without a boat load of workarounds.”

“Best Product for Monitoring, and a Great Team.”
“Easy and Efficient. Simple to use and very customizable.”
“Excellent product and fantastic customer service!”
“Outstanding Product – Great team – Seamless Implementation.”
“Would recommend to any company that needs this type of service.”

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