FairWarning For Salesforce Event Monitoring Trial 2018-03-05T23:15:04+00:00

Protect against Privileged Users Without Event Monitoring

  • Consolidation of your user profiles and permission sets
  • Monitoring and alerting for escalation of privileges users
  • Monitoring Login Activity from restricted locations, hours, or IP addresses
  • Detection of browsers or applications with known security vulnerabilities or down-level versions
  • Prevent unauthorized access from users no longer employed or contracted with the company
  • Detection of Compromised User Credentials
  • Monitor and detect creation and deletion of standard objective within Salesforce
  • Monitor multiple Sandbox environments
  • Monitor third-party applications

Leverage Event Monitoring to Protect Against Insiders

  • Receive all Premium use cases PLUS
  • Conduct Forensic Investigation of Salesforce user
  • Monitor Log-in As by privileged users
  • Detection of data theft and unusual behavior by tracking and trending activity over given periods
  • Monitoring Usage and Adoption indicators (i.e.. Unsaved reports and custom objectives)
  • Monitoring user behavioral to preventing data exfiltration
  • Evidence of security controls around cloud applications for investors and clients
  • Compliance with state, Federal, and global regulations related to access controls and monitoring user access (PCI, FFIEC, SOX, NYCR, HIPAA, SEC, FCA, FINRA, ISO, FERPA

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