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Patient Privacy Intelligence™ is the industry’s next-generation compliance and information security platform. It is front-and-center in multi-layer strategies to secure patient data held in EHRs, clinical applications, and increasingly in cloud and big data applications. Compliance offices use the FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence platform as a foundation for satisfying key provisions of the OCR’s HIPAA Audit protocol, Meaningful Use attestations, and EPCS certification.

Discover How FairWarning Empowers Your Role In

  • Patient and/or Employee Investigations

  • Fulfill HIPAA ‘Systemic Review’

  • Investigation Management

  • OCR Audits

  • Forensic Investigations

  • Compromised Credentials

  • Rogue insider attacks and collaborative insider attacks

  • Breach Remediation

  • eDiscovery wrongful termination

  • eDiscovery malpractice

  • Custom Reports

Open Architecture:

Connect instantly with over 400 applications and keep pace with dynamic data changes

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Patient Privacy Intelligence™:
The Intersection of Compliance, Legal and Information Security

Examine the critical capabilities that a Patient Privacy Intelligence platform can deliver to meet the business and technical demands of modern care providers for regulatory compliance and information security.

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FairWarning is releasing a new version of our Patient Privacy Intelligence platform which is our most powerful and proven yet.

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Data Integrity and Governance:

The Foundation of the Patient Privacy Intelligence platform

Patient Privacy Intelligence platform has been architected with data integrity and governance in mind.
And, it has been certified by third parties to meet the following standards:

Meaningful Use (MU)

Patient Privacy Intelligence (PPI) platform is part of the Electronic Health Record and must be certified in order for care providers to collect MU funds. INFO|GARD performed our certification testing.

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Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Patient Privacy Intelligence platform is involved in the prescribing process in certain circumstances and must be certified in a DEA-EPCS Certification Audit.

SOC 2Type 2

Our solutions and business have received SOC 2 Type 2 certification. This includes recurring testing such as ZAP Penetration Testing and Nessus Vulnerability Scans of the operating system and application.

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

On a recurring basis, we conduct OWASP application security testing to detect common vulnerabilities.

Salesforce Cloud Security Certification

Our application is certified by Salesforce’s extensive testing for cloud security in order to appear in the AppExchange.

Office for Civil Rights HIPAA Audits

Because of the scale of our customer base, our care provider customers have been extensively scrutinized by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and have successfully demonstrated satisfaction of key HIPAA requirements using our Patient Privacy Intelligence (PPI) platform.

Court Cases and Lawsuits

Our platform has withstood the extreme scrutiny of countless court cases which required eDiscovery. In each of these cases, data integrity was a crucial consideration. Information security certifications for a Business Associate as well as their technology are crucial for care providers evaluating breach and OCR audit risks.

Threats Continue to Escalate and Health Care Remains a Top Target

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Healthcare Business Drivers Shaping the Future of Patient Privacy Intelligence platform

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