Failed login attempts are a key indicator of security breaches

They don’t necessarily mean your team forgot their passwords. Repeated failed logins are a common sign of cybercriminal or insider threat activity like stealing valuable Salesforce data. But how many attempts is too many?

We’ll help you uncover the answer with an actionable Salesforce data risk assessment that identifies risks like repeated failed login attempts, large data exports, and 26 others.

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The 28-Point Assessment Includes:

Insights spanning 28 data elements across five categories: Access Control, User Adoption, Privileged User Monitoring, Data Exfiltration, and Performance.

A complete list of identified threats prioritized as high, medium, or low risk, data-backed recommendations for closing security gaps, and answers to fundamental questions about your Salesforce data such as:

  • Have former employees tried to log in to your Salesforce environment? They may be trying to steal data.

  • Do employees have access to your API? They could change settings that leave you vulnerable to a breach.

  • Which users can access sensitive data like PII or PHI? They could cause a breach and non-compliance fines.

  • Which external applications are accessing Salesforce data? Your data may not be as private as you think.

  • Which users are exporting reports with high row counts? They could be exfiltrating data.

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What your peers say:

Responsive and knowledgeable team. Mike, Jake & team did a great job walking us through their free risk assessment solution after connecting following a data security presentation FairWarning hosted with other Salesforce partners. The tool was easy to use and provided some high-level guidance on where we could clean some things up in our org.

Greg Peckham, Director of Technology

Great resource and professionalism. Mike and Jake did an awesome job providing details into access control, user adoption and data exfiltration for our Organization’s Salesforce platform, all encompassed in a free risk assessment. The tool was easy to set up and the report easy to understand. We appreciate the insight!

Vincent Nwachukwu, IT Systems Administrator

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*Restrictions apply

  • Some services may be unavailable depending on your region or unable to be integrated into your organization’s technology.
  • Organizations with PHI in their Salesforce instance need to either exclude PHI data from delivery to FairWarning or sign a BAA.
  • Additional restrictions may apply. Contact FairWarning for further information.