September 25-28, 2018

Trust the Cloud with Your Most Sensitive Data

Dreamforce is at the heart of innovation and one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. At Dreamforce, attendees can expect to see the latest best practices in customer success. There will be over 2,700 sessions to help every role across every industry meet like-minded professionals and discover the latest strategies and product innovations.

Nowadays, most organizations are data driven. From customer information, knowledge base articles about your company, and even payment information can be found in your CRM and Microsoft Office products. As these products and services continue to move to the cloud, the concern about the security of this data continues to rise.

You should be able to store more sensitive information in your Salesforce instance with peace of mind. With FairWarning, you gain visibility on who is accessing what data. Critical use cases include:

  • Data export activity
  • Unusual behavior access patterns
  • Creation of new users and profiles
  • Change in user permissions
  • Compromised credentials

Schedule a meeting with us at Dreamforce to see how you can detect potential insider threats and grow your trust in storing sensitive data in your Salesforce Org, or other cloud applications.

Salesforce Data Protection & Governance

Today, businesses store their most confidential information in the cloud with applications such as Salesforce. This means dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees have access to confidential information that can be downloaded or exported without detection.

FairWarning leverages the raw data provided by Salesforce Shield and Event Monitoring to protect businesses against the theft and misuse of sensitive information stored in Salesforce through User Activity Monitoring. FairWarning for Salesforce monitors for unusual access, detects data exports, enables rapid investigations, and satisfies critical regulatory requirements.

With Salesforce Event Monitoring & FairWarning for Salesforce, you can solve critical use cases including:

  • Investigating exports from departing employees
  • Enabling proactive alerts of suspicious user activity
  • Visualization and trend analysis of usage and adoption across multiple orgs
  • Demonstrating compliance with industry regulation requirements such as HIPAA & PCI DSS