Get Ready for CCPA — Don’t Just Survive Data Privacy Compliance, Learn How to Thrive

On Demand Webinar

There are only a few months left to ensure your company is CCPA compliant — are you ready?

This free webinar featuring compliance experts offers a tactical approach to CCPA – how to prepare to avoid hefty fines, compliance tips, and more. Join Jim Halpert, an experienced cybersecurity compliance attorney who represents coalitions of Fortune 500 companies, Jeffrey DiMuro, Salesforce Chief Security and Compliance Architect with more than 10 years of experience in compliance, and Mike Mason, FairWarning’s General Manager, to learn: 

  • What CCPA means for your company — what you need to know and why it’s important
  • How to prepare for CCPA (and other privacy regulations) — creating a plan for compliance
  • Key requirements and compliance details

CCPA is positioned to be the toughest privacy law in the United States and a trailblazer for future state and federal legislation. The Act expands the rights of consumers and requires businesses falling within its scope to be significantly more transparent about how they collect, use, and disclose personal information. Accountable businesses must enhance their data management practices, expand consumer privacy rights, and update their privacy policies by January 1, 2020which is less than four months away. Is your company ready to comply? 

Event Details

Event Date On Demand
Event Time On Demand
Event Duration 45 minutes

Event Speakers

Jim Halpert Jim Halpert Partner; Global Data Protection, Privacy and Security Practice Co-Chair DLA Piper Global Law Firm
Jeffrey DiMuro Jeffrey DiMuro Chief Security and Compliance Architect Salesforce
Mike Mason Mike Mason General Manager FairWarning