The success of your privacy and security monitoring program hinges on cooperation and collaboration among all departments, from privacy and compliance to training and legal. You’ll learn how to identify the users who play a role in the success of your monitoring program in this free Best Practice webinar for FairWarning customers, along with:

  • How to build trust and communication among privacy, compliance, security, IT, HR, training, and legal departments
  • How to identify key stakeholders, along with program strengths and weaknesses
  • How to create a foundation for success within the FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence platform
  • How to demonstrate each department’s contribution to the overall success of your FairWarning monitoring program
  • How Managed Privacy Services Customers optimized their monitoring platforms with industry-leading best practices

FairWarning Best Practice Training Details:

Date: October 31, 2018
When: 2 p.m.-3 p.m. ET
Registration Fee: FREE