Leveraging the FairWarning Report Center and Quick Report Tool: Reporting Use Cases

An Event for FairWarning Customers

Meet us online on October 30, 2019

To increase visibility into your organization while protecting patient privacy, it’s essential to monitor and report inappropriate access. The FairWarning Report Center can help you spot risks from coworker and household snooping, drug diversion, and more while providing the documentation needed to report on potential security incidents.

Join Chelsea Graham, Privacy Analyst, and Ryan Ritter, Privacy Analyst, on October 30th for FairWarning’s interactive customer training webinar “Leveraging the FairWarning Report Center and Quick Report Tool: Reporting Use Cases.”

In this Best Practice training session, you’ll learn:

  • Quick Report Tool use cases, including patient and employee complaints
  • Custom Reports: summary vs. detail reporting
  • How to save, edit, share, export, and reassign reports in FairWarning
  • How to attach a saved report to an investigation as supplemental evidence

FairWarning Best Practice Training Details

Event Date October 30, 2019
Event Time 2–3 p.m. ET | 11 a.m.–12 noon PT
Registration Fee FREE