Managing Privacy and Data Protection in a Time of Crisis

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In the face of a worldwide crisis, protecting patient and consumer privacy is critical. And for highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services, it can be challenging to understand when it is and isn’t appropriate to disclose data relevant to maintaining public health while remaining compliant with laws like HIPAA and GDPR. With cyberattacks on the rise by hackers exploiting security vulnerabilities across multiple industries, how can privacy, security, and compliance professionals successfully safeguard PHI and PII?

Join Iliana Peters, Shareholder at Polsinelli and former Acting Deputy Director of the OCR, Kristy Grant-Hart, CEO of Spark Compliance Consulting, and Caitlin Fennessy, Research Director at IAPP, for FairWarning’s Executive Series Webinar, “Managing Privacy and Data Protection in a Time of Crisis.”

Register now to learn more about safeguarding privacy throughout an emergency, including:

  • Making sense of regulations during critical times
  • Analyzing risks
  • Monitoring a remote workforce
  • Long-term market consequences

Event Details

Event Date On Demand
Event Time On Demand
Event Duration 1 hour

Event Speakers

Caitlin Fennessy Caitlin Fennessy Research Director IAPP
Iliana Peters Iliana Peters Shareholder Polsinelli
Kristy Grant-Hart Kristy Grant-Hart CEO Spark Compliance Consulting