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23rd Annual Conference

September 11-12, 2017


Secure the Future of Healthcare through Collaboration

Insider threats can inflict more damage to an enterprise than an external cyber attack. Not all of your employees have a malicious intent. Some of them are victims of a phishing email or lack of knowledge. However, by combining behavioral analytics and training, you can make your people your best line of defense.

Join us at the NCHICA 23rd Annual Conference & Exhibition in Durham, North Carolina to learn the latest developments and best practices in healthcare IT. In the spirit of this year’s theme, Securing the Future of Healthcare through Collaboration,  FairWarning will be presenting on People Security and Behavioral Analytics.

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People Security for Your Mission Critical Applications

Technical security controls alone cannot prevent a malicious or careless user from committing a data breach. Your Electronic Health Records and other mission critical applications contain vast amounts of highly sensitive information about your patients and employees, as well as highly proprietary elements of your organization. With hundreds, even thousands of associates accessing your applications, this information is becomes more and more vulnerable to breaches. Behavioral analytics delivers real-time security insights and can help you determine the type of training or education your people need to help reduce insider threat – whether it’s malicious or negligent. Learn how to secure your most sensitive information, dramatically reduce risk and address critical elements of a broad range of regulatory compliance controls.

Managed Privacy Services – An Extension of Your Privacy Team

FairWarning Managed Privacy Services is an affordable solution for care providers of all sizes. From OCR audits to law enforcement investigations, our expert team of compliance, security and product analysts becomes an extension of your privacy team giving you the time to work on higher value projects. The Managed Privacy Services Team currently monitors over 1,500 hospitals and clinics and are detecting an average of 250+ customer confirmed incidents per month. Minimize your overall risk profile, improve your compliance posture, simplify OCR audit preparations and reduce staffing and resource issues by relying on a consistent team of privacy and security professionals with expertise in regulatory compliance, clinical/EHR/EMR audit data, and the FairWarning platform.





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