Learn how to get time back in your day with the FairWarning Promise Release on this no-charge interactive training session for customers. Here, you’ll receive hands-on training on how to:

Dramatically reduce your investigation time

  • Tour the new library of auto-populated investigation templates
  • Learn which templates to use in specific situations
  • Customize templates for your unique reporting requirements

Respond to external and internal inquiries with expanded governance reporting

  • Easily run trend reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of your privacy and security monitoring program
  • Run more advanced governance reports to satisfy OCR auditors, your board, and internal committee members
  • Schedule reports to automatically send to key stakeholders on a recurring basis


  • Gather deeper insights into boardroom-ready reports with Report Builder
  • Unlock the power of reporting best practices with the new healthcare Library of Reports
  • Learn how FairWarning can streamline your investigations with third-party compliance tool integration

FairWarning Promise Release Interactive Training

Date: Monday, September 10th, 2018

Time: 2-3 p.m. Eastern time

Cost: Free