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Celebrating Salesforce Security Month

Security starts with you

For any organization, its people present the greatest opportunity for internal and external security threats. Cyber criminals and bad actors have shifted their tactics from technological attacks to targeted assaults on authorized users and the sensitive data they have access to. Now more than ever, every person has an impact on security regardless of their function or title.

“Waiting for regulations is not an option; businesses must take security into their own hands, ensuring that their data is safe-guarded.”

See what’s possible with Salesforce Shield

In honor of Salesforce security month, we’re hosting weekly group demonstrations of what’s possible with Salesforce Shield and specifically Event Monitoring. Whether you already know everything about Event Monitoring, have it but aren’t sure how to use it, or have never heard of it before, these 30-minute demos will show you really unique use cases and will empower you to make an informed decision about Salesforce Shield.

Sign up for either a User/Administrator or Consultant/Account Executive demo today to enhance your education and gain useful insights into how organizations are already leveraging Salesforce Shield & Event Monitoring to protect their Salesforce orgs.