Salesforce Shield Real-Time Event Monitoring: How to Monitor User Activities as They Happen

On Demand Webinar

Salesforce has enabled real-time Event Monitoring, which means users can receive event logs detailing user activity in near-real time.  

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 56% of data breaches take months or longer to discover. In many cases, months is far too long to properly remediate or mitigate a cyber threat. With real-time capabilities from Salesforce, you can thwart malicious activity as it’s occurring. Event Monitoring 1.0 log files were delivered daily, but the 2.0 upgrade delivers log files in real time – and FairWarning users who rely on the platform to digest Event Monitoring audit logs can also receive alerts and proactive monitoring in real time. 

On this webinar, Salesforce’s Director of Product Management for Event Monitoring and FairWarning’s Product Manager of Cloud Security will unite to share tips for taking advantage of the Salesforce release, including:

  • What’s possible with real time in Event Monitoring 2.0
  • How to become more proactive when safeguarding sensitive Salesforce data
  • Setting up real-time alerts and notifications for abnormal or suspicious user activity
  • How you can use real-time Event Monitoring 2.0 to curb malicious behavior and prevent security incidents

Event Details

Event Date On Demand
Event Time On Demand
Event Duration 1 hour

Event Speakers

Amanda Grady Amanda Grady Director of Product Management for Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring Salesforce
Mike Mason Mike Mason General Manager FairWarning
Peter Akeley Peter Akeley Product Manager of Cloud Security FairWarning