The Salesforce World Tour is Headed Your Way

Each year, the Salesforce World Tour brings together innovators, creators, business developers, and other professionals to exchange new ideas, inspiration, technological advances, and other opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem. World Tours feature world-class speakers, partners, and product experts from many industries that lead their respective fields in terms of success and innovation. Attendees can participate in focused break-out sessions, dive deep with keynote presentations, and enjoy other exciting opportunities to develop knowledge and interact with other industry-leading experts and partners.

Salesforce Data Security and Visibility

Every year, more and more organizations are using cloud-based, mission-critical applications like Salesforce to power their businesses. Organizations may have hundreds or thousands of employees with access to sensitive information in these cloud platforms, meaning those employees have access to the data anywhere, at any time.

To protect organizations from the theft and abuse of sensitive data stored in Salesforce, FairWarning leverages the raw data from Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring to create proactive user activity alerts. FairWarning for Salesforce monitors for unusual activity, such as abnormal access and unapproved data exports, allowing for rapid investigations and satisfying strict regulatory requirements for a variety of industries, including finance, health care, and manufacturing.

Salesforce Shield Event Monitoring & FairWarning for Salesforce solve critical use cases, such as:

  • Monitoring and detecting unusual user behavior, including large data exports and unauthorized login activity.
  • Detecting unauthorized changes in security controls and objects within Salesforce.
  • Performing forensic investigations on users like departing employees and privileged users.
  • Visualizing and analyzing usage and adoption trends across multiple orgs.
  • Satisfying compliance with industry regulations and security frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, and ISO 27001.

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