Why Privacy Matters: How to Establish Trust Through Salesforce Security and Privacy

On Demand Webinar

Consumers are demanding more control over their personal information

Salesforce holds massive amounts of sensitive information — client details, financial data, proprietary information. The more data you enter into Salesforce, the stronger the need for robust security. But in today’s world, where companies are in the headlines every day for privacy violations and consumers are demanding more control over their personal information, privacy matters just as much as security.

Join Salesforce, Mark Bowling, and FairWarning to learn about:

  • Why privacy matters
  • How to protect your Salesforce data to establish trust
  • How to create an organization-wide culture of privacy and trust

Event Details

Event Date On Demand
Event Time On Demand
Event Duration 1 hour

Event Speakers

Rachel Beard Rachel Beard Principal Platform Security Specialist Salesforce
Mark Bowling Mark Bowling Principal Risk Management Consultant United Capital Financial Advisors
Mike Mason Mike Mason General Manager FairWarning