How to Avoid a HIPAA Compliance Review: A Plan to Fulfill Privacy Requirements

July 21, 2010

HIPAA Compliance Review

In this webinar, you will learn how healthcare compliance and enforcement is changing, the technologies available for logging and auditing and how to avoid a HIPAA compliance review.

Privacy Auditing and Monitoring

Mac McMillan, CEO CynergisTek, Inc, explained how log analysis (if done correctly) is without a doubt the most powerful security tool we have for proactively avoiding security and privacy incidents.

Log data can be used to detect and prevent unauthorized access and insider abuse, meet regulatory requirements, conduct a forensic analysis and for IT troubleshooting and network operations purposes.

FairWarning Founder and CEO, Kurt Long, discussed how no proactive detection of EHR privacy means only detection through patient incident or headlines. Patient Privacy Monitoring automates systematic audit log review of all applications as required by HIPAA and deters rising identity theft and medical identity theft.

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