The Latest Healthcare Cyber Security Threats: Threat Actors See Growing Value in PHI and an Industry that is Highly Valued yet Under Protected

FairWarning Executive Series Webinar


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“Bad guys don’t sit still, they innovate, and no matter what you do to protect yourself, there is no magic box that magically makes bad guys go away and not want to take your stuff. Whatever new ways you have to protect your stuff, they’re going to develop new ways to try to take it.”

Dave Merkel, Chief Technology Officer, FireEye

The Latest Healthcare Cyber Security Threats: Threat Actors See Growing Value in PHI and an Industry that is Highly Valued yet Under Protected

During this FairWarning Executive Series Webinar, Dave Merkel, Chief Technology Officer of FireEye, and Kurt Long, Founder and CEO of FairWarning, discussed today’s emerging threats and how covered entities can create a world-class threat prevention and response solution.

Discussion included:

  • Activities of nation state groups targeting healthcare’s intellectual property, proprietary information and personal data in order to assist their governments in achieving their strategic healthcare goals
  • Enterprise-like cyber criminal groups’ techniques, tactics, and procedures to turn personal data into profit including compromising networks to take personally identifiable information and payment card data
  • How entities can create a coordinated threat prevention and response framework by leveraging a multi-vendor approach for end-to-end security
  • Implications and action steps for the healthcare industry

About The Speakers

Dave Merkel

Dave Merkel

Chief Technology Officer,

Dave has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer since May 2014. He previously served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Products at Mandiant, which was acquired by FireEye.

At Mandiant, Dave shaped the strategy and direction of the company’s technology and engineering solutions. Before Mandiant, Dave spent over seven years leading a team of technologists at America Online to protect corporate systems and network infrastructure. Before America Online, Dave served as a special agent with the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations, where he participated in countless forensic examinations and served as a qualified expert witness in federal and state legal cases. Dave holds a B.S. in computer science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Kurt Long

Kurt J. Long

CEO and Founder,

Kurt Long is the Founder and CEO of FairWarning, Inc., the inventor, patent holder and global leader in patient privacy monitoring for electronic health records.

Mr. Long founded FairWarning in 2005 and has led the company through dramatic customer and revenue growth. FairWarning’s leading healthcare provider customers now represent over 1,200 hospitals and 5,000 clinics in forty-seven (47) of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. FairWarning has been profitable every year beginning in 2008. FairWarning is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, with offices in London, England. Mr. Long is a recognized industry expert in information security, privacy and compliance, and has published dozens of articles on the topics.