Managed Privacy Services: A CIO Perspective

FairWarning Executive Series Webinar


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“I can’t say enough about how FairWarning has helped us change the culture, prevent HIPAA breaches and brought awareness to the community.”

Joanne White, CIO/HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer, Wood County Hospital

Managed Privacy Services: A CIO Perspective

In this webinar, Joanne White, Chief Information Officer/HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer of Wood County Hospital, explained how she faced the pressure of rising healthcare threats with a lack of professional expertise, which determined their need for FairWarning’s Managed Privacy Services.

She discussed Wood County Hospital’s external and internal operational issues, national media attention of data breaches, and expanding hospital services.

Since working with Managed Privacy Services, they have shifted from a reactive to a proactive mentality, streamlined their processes, received a positive internal reaction, and seen a significant reduction in privacy breaches.