Memorial Healthcare’s Privacy and Security Comeback: From Reported Breach to Patient Privacy Excellence

Memorial Healthcare
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FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

Memorial Healthcare’s Privacy and Security
Comeback: From Reported Breach to Patient
Privacy Excellence

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 | 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT

Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) faced serious privacy and security scrutiny after the login credentials of a former employee of an affiliated physician’s office was used to access ePHI on a daily basis, affecting the patient privacy of 80,000 individuals. The incident resulted in a record $5.5 million HIPAA settlement to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and an agreement to implement a corrective action plan.

For MHS, the situation was “sink or swim”, but they recognized the opportunity to gain back patient trust by crafting and executing on a vision of patient privacy excellence. Fast forward to today, and MHS has implemented a complete privacy and security transformation.

On Tuesday, April 10th at 2:00 PM EST, our webinar speaker will be Richard Leon, Chief Information Security Officer at Memorial Healthcare System. During the webinar, he will explain how with the help of partners like FairWarning, MHS gains back time to take a proactive and strategic approach to securing patient data. Using the FairWarning Patient Privacy Platform and Managed Privacy Services, MHS secures patient data with world-class privacy monitoring systems, extensive training programs, and a robust “just do” culture of compliance.

In this FairWarning Executive Series Webinar, you will learn:

  • How to proactively prevent breaches and mitigate risk

  • How to develop privacy and security as equal partners to secure patient data

  • How to gain executive level support for your privacy and security initiatives

  • What the OCR expects in your Risk Analysis of information systems holding PHI

  • How to implement privacy and security awareness training to obligate end users to be accountable for securing patient data

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About the Speakers

Richard Leon

Richard Leon

Chief Information Security Officer
Memorial Healthcare System

Rich has spent the past 30 years leading Technology Initiatives at Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida. Rich has served as a Network Engineer, Software Developer, Bio-Medical Engineering Director, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer during the growth of Memorial Healthcare System from a single community hospital to a six-hospital fully integrated healthcare system. Memorial Healthcare System is one of the largest public healthcare systems in the nation and highly regarded for its exceptional patient- and family-centered care. Memorial’s patient, physician and employee satisfaction rates are some of the most admired in the country, and the system is recognized as a national leader in quality healthcare.

Kurt J. Long

CEO and Founder

Kurt Long is the Founder and CEO of FairWarning, a global leader in application security intelligence solutions. FairWarning protects patient information in Electronic Health Records for over 8,500 hospitals and clinics around the world as well as confidential information in financial services companies with over $ 350 Billion assets. Kurt holds multiple patents around the world related to information security. He has also been involved in the founding of several information security companies that have become public or acquired. Mr. Long is a recognized thought leader in information security, privacy and compliance, and has been featured in dozens of articles, published multiple papers, and has been called on to provide expert testimony before governments in the U.S. and Europe.