The Value of Salesforce Event Monitoring

FairWarning Executive Series Webinar

The Value of Salesforce Event Monitoring

Salesforce Event Monitoring was introduced in the Fall of 2014, which provides customers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) access through APIs to rich data across all Salesforce custom and standard objects, so that enhancing applications can be developed and supported predictably within the Salesforce platform.

In this webinar, Adam Torman, Director of Product Management at Salesforce, provided an overview of Salesforce Event Monitoring including how to track detailed user activity and identify and act upon anomalies in user behavior.

During this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • How Salesforce Event Monitoring provides robust, predictable and timely systems data that can be used to enhance security and privacy, usage and auditing, and performance and regulatory compliance
  • How FairWarning for Salesforce translates 28 Salesforce Event Monitoring log files into human readable text
  • How FairWarning fills an important gap in Salesforce data protection through user activity monitoring
  • Example uses cases including forensic investigations of a user’s activities, monitoring a departing employee’s exports, user access after termination, user access trends and visualization, and data visualization and trending