March 4, 2021



2-4 p.m. ET



2 Hours

You’re cordially invited to join the FairWarning Epic Focus Group on Thursday, March 4th via Zoom. The purpose of this Focus Group is to promote collaboration amongst FairWarning Epic healthcare systems through open discussions on various best practices, use cases, data security, and privacy monitoring.

During this live event, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the ‘how, why, and best practice use cases’ for the below topics of interest:

Epic Events Explained (Event Name, Event Description, Event Type, Report Name, Event Action, Event Action Details, and more)

  • Available Fields vs. Selected Fields
  • Best Practice Standard Field Order
  • Event Logging Guide (Event Names and Mnemonics provided)

Epic Report Building Examples (Report Center and Governance)

  • Epic reports in the Report Library
  • Helpful Governance Reports for Alerts, Enforced Policies, Involved Parties and Investigations data in FairWarning

FairWarning AI Detection Engine for Epic customers

  • Leveraging AI to monitor previously unknown or poorly known populations
  • FairWarning AI Best Practices for Intelligent Filtering, Machine Learning, and Anomalous Behavior Detection

This is a collaborative opportunity for FairWarning Epic customers to ask questions, share experiences, and identify potential solutions to current monitoring challenges.

Join the Epic Focus Group User Group in the FairWarning Community to collaborate with fellow FairWarning Epic Customers and receive updates related to this event.

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