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FairWarning Ready For Enterprise Security

The FairWarning Ready vendor program for enterprise security enables coordinated threat prevention and response through the integration of security applications and unifying of user and event monitoring initiatives.

As FairWarning discovers potential Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), we pass along the User ID, IP, and other identifying information to enterprise security products. This discovery and communication empowers our customers to make contextual and efficient decisions on how to respond to and eliminate these threats.

Benefits for Customers

  • Apply intuition and expertise to EHRs and cloud-based applications through powerful discovery tools
  • Detect APTs earlier through the use of proven statistical trend analysis
  • Empower contextual and efficient decisions for coordinated threat prevent and response

Certified FairWarning Ready Partners

RSA Security
Log Rhythm
Compliance Pro

Vendor Nominations

Each FairWarning Ready partnership is formed at the request of a customer or prospect sponsor.
We continuously invest in providing all of the tools and knowledge necessary to increase our partner’s value to their customer through increased privacy and security capabilities.
Nominate one of your vendors to become FairWarning Ready today!