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FairWarning Ready Master

Master your Patient Privacy Program with Advanced Features

Certification Training Program

What is The FairWarning Ready Master Certification Training Program?

The FairWarning Ready Master Certification* training program is designed for advanced FairWarning users. This onsite program will help you successfully utilize the advanced features of the FairWarning platform to take your organization’s security, privacy and compliance to the next level. You will work with FairWarning instructors in person to leverage the more sophisticated features and functionality of the platform to build a more robust monitoring program.

Next Master Training Program – October 16-19, 2018

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Where is it?

FairWarning Headquarters in Clearwater, FL

FairWarning, Inc.

St. Pete/Clearwater

Why attend?

The master training program is conducted at FairWarning’s headquarters over four days. It’s designed to teach the skills needed for a successful implementation with the full understanding of the FairWarning Data Definition Guide for additional integration of applications.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Leverage advanced user behavior analytics for rapid response times to risky behavior
  • Benchmark results using trend-based reporting for a more accurate understanding of your monitoring program
  • Save time by reducing false positives with Intelligent Filtering
  • Enhance user information with Dynamic Identity Intelligence

* You must complete the FairWarning Ready Professional Certification training program to be eligible for this Master program. 

Our Vision

To empower our customers to solve their privacy, security and compliance challenges by giving them the tools and knowledge to protect their sensitive data. With this knowledge, accompanied by FairWarning’s technology, customers can gain more time back in their day and explore how to meet the demands of their industry by leveraging our Platform.

Training Program Objectives

  • Prepare – Conduct investigations in response to eDiscovery request, lawsuits, patient and/or employee complaints
  • Enable – Transform the organization’s privacy and security culture by rapidly identifying and correcting non-compliance
  • Learn – Gain time back in your day by leveraging features in the FairWarning Platform
  • Ensure – Be ready to respond to the OCR and other audits with peace of mind
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