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FairWarning Ready Professional

Expand your Patient Privacy Program and Get Time Back in Your Day

Certification Training Program

What is the FairWarning Ready Professional Certification Training program?

The FairWarning Ready Professional Certification Training program is designed to help increase your knowledge of the FairWarning Platform. Learn how to roll out an effective monitoring program tailored to your organization’s privacy, security and compliance goals. In this online program, you will work with FairWarning Instructors to leverage your platform to assist with meeting auditing requirements of industry regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Benchmark the results of auditing initiatives for trend analysis and reporting up to executive leadership

  • Be better prepared for compliance and auditing challenges

  • Maximize the benefit of investing in FairWarning

  • Learn more about how to integrate additional applications to your FairWarning Platform

  • Online program offers reduced costs with no travel

What does the training program consist of?

  • Online course consisting of modules and quizzes

  • 3 two hour video instructor-led training (VILT) sessions

  • Final exam taking approximately 1 hour to complete

  • Access to a private community user group to contact peers and instructor

  • Approximately 17 hours total to complete the course

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Our Vision

To empower our customers to solve their privacy, security and compliance challenges by giving them the tools and knowledge to protect their sensitive data. With this knowledge, accompanied by FairWarning’s technology, customers can gain more time back in their day and explore how to meet the demands of their industry by leveraging our Platform.

Training Program Objectives

  • Prepare – Conduct investigations in response to eDiscovery request, lawsuits, patient and/or employee complaints
  • Enable – Transform the organization’s privacy and security culture by rapidly identifying and correcting non-compliance
  • Learn – Gain time back in your day by leveraging features in the FairWarning Platform
  • Ensure – Be ready to respond to the OCR and other audits with peace of mind
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