By checking the “FairWarning’s Binding Legal Agreement” box and uploading a photograph through the form on our FairWarning Flag Program – Upload Your Photo page, you are certifying that:

  • You have the authority to transfer any and all ownership rights that you or anyone in the photograph may have to the photograph itself and to all images contained within it.
  • You have the authority to consent on behalf of any and all persons appearing in the photograph for FairWarning to use, for no additional compensation, their image and/or likeness in connection with our publicity and celebration of (i) our partnership with our customers and their employees and (ii) our celebration of their adventures around the world.
  • You agree to transfer and forever assign all ownership rights that you (or any person in the photograph) may have to the photograph (and to any image within it) to FairWarning, LLC.
  • You consent for no additional compensation to our use of the photograph for our publicity and celebration.

Further, you understand and agree that:

  • FairWarning reserves the right to not publish any photograph we find unsuitable for publication.
  • We may edit a photograph before publishing it on our website, but only for fit and presentation.
  • Subject to the limited publication license below, FairWarning reserves all of our rights, title and interest (including all trademarks, copyrights an any other proprietary interest) in and to all images of the FairWarning Flag and the FairWarning® logo.
  • Unless we notify you of our objection to the contents of a photograph, we grant to you a non-exclusive and revocable license to publish the photograph you have submitted in (i) your personal social media account and (ii) the media locations of your employer who is a FairWarning customer.